March 10th, 2011

Me 3

Even though it ain't true, I'll say it: FLAWLESS, VICTORY

Grand Prize-winning team, y'all! The latest Geek Trivia on Tuesday night saw me and the three other guys on my team win Round 1 and get into a three-way tie-breaker for first. We ended Round 2's tie-breakers in second place, but we had enough points to win the night's grand prize, a box set of Doctor Who action figures. Specifically, action figures of all 11 doctors, in a carrying case shaped like a 1960s Police Call Box.

Team member Jesse Graff, part of the Atomic Arts acting troupe that puts on Trek in the Park -- he's their Spock, which is usually the only time he goes clean-shaven (his stylist also gives him the higher-pointing Vulcan eyebrows, too), now has the figures in safe keeping. One other guy on the team was so snti-Doctor Who that he joked about doing implied violence to the figures, but fear not, my Doctor Who-fan friends, that won't happen. Graff protects geeky stuff. He has Leonard Nimoy's signature tattooed on his arm. He's One Of Us.

(Fellow Portlander Brandee Haynes, after I told her that Jesse had won it, said "I know where he lives and can seduce his roommate..." She's another of the Doctor Who fans, you don't have to guess.)

That wasn't all that was fun about Geek Trivia. Host Cort Webber and Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts introduced an Arrested Development question, and they added "And if you haven't seen Arrested Development, get the f*** out." I threw my coat over my head, crouched, and marched right out the door. (The question was "What was Gob Bluth's boat's name?" The answer is "The Seaward.") I contributed to the comedy!
Admiral Ackbar

Is this good motivation?

How do you make kids want to make their beds every time? (Which I admit not even I do, but I make it far more often than I don't.) Maybe convince them that a made bed is like a gift that you get to unwrap every night.