March 13th, 2011

Captain Kris W'lash

And now, warmth

One thing that didn't help last night's not-quite-warm-enough night was that my apartment building seemed low on hot water. Made the warm-to-hot shower I had this morning a little more satisfying, and made me make sure I didn't shower too long.

So my place is still close to the same interior temperature it was last night, but a shower, plus the soup I just had, make it easier to handle.

This is a first-world problem of the most banal kind, so I'll try not to complain.
Me 1

A shout-out to onezumi

Slightly fluffy on this, the latest difficult day for a lot of people (in a string of difficult days for a lot of people):

I just want to say again how cool this image of me by my webcomic friend onezumi is:

We met at Pi-Con in 2008, and hit it off all friendly-like immediately. This icon resulted from a personal fundraiser she did, where if you donated a certain amount she'd draw a LiveJournal icon of you. The result makes me smile each time I use it.

Onezumi does the webcomic Stupid and Insane Defenders Against Chaos, applying Lovecraftian terror to office work. (So the company's even more evil than Wolfram & Hart!) She also does the accompanying black and white comic My Annoying Life. She also also is an office master, and at Onezumiverse gives lessons in how to navigate office work, along with art tutorials, con-running tutorials and other useful and entertaining info.

Oh yeah, the con-running? Onezumi created a convention, Intervention ("Your Online Life, In-Person"). She's preparing for its second year.

Oni, keep up the good work and keep up the good life. *salutes*