April 22nd, 2011

Whale fluke

The Chris outside of his native habitat

A nice thing about Mom and Dad's house in Dundee, Oregon is that it's far enough out of town that it can feel to me like a vacation home.

This weekend I'm taking advantage of that.

Mom and Dad are traveling, and earlier this week when I found I had some time to myself I suggested to them that I come out. This turned out to be helpful to them in more than one way, so they enthusiastically gave me some news and instructions -- expect this, check on that, these other people will visit after you go home so you can do stuff to prepare the house for them -- and I made it out here Thursday afternoon.

Reading, music-listening and attempting to relax will happen. Not movie-watching, though. I'm not sure I want to try to turn on Dad's big main entertainment system.

So, yes, I'm still here. Though I tend to feel less post-y when here, so posts and comments remains sparse. Still: hi!