April 24th, 2011

Me 1

Actually awake enough for a jiggety jig!

I was a lump.

I'm glad to say I could be a lump.

Thursday through midday today I stayed at my parents' place, out in pretty rural-ish countryside not far from where there are horses, chickens, and vineyards, and I rested and read. Also got out into the lovely, precious, warm sunshine that FINALLY reached the Portland area yesterday, and got some Vitamin D the old-fashioned way.

I even took a bath. It's been 11 years since I've lived in a place where I could take a bath, so I take chances when I can to have them.

And today, I checked (and re-checked) to round up my stuff, headed home, and stopped along the way for food (Sonic) and groceries. Maybe some more relaxing will happen now!

OK. I hope this update was the interesting kind of boring.
Flavored Calories.

I'm sweet on candy...and candy's sweet on me...

Perhaps this is the holiday where, for the first time in a while, I can be on-the-ball enough to get the holiday candy for sale the next day.

The thing is, holiday candy seems to show up earlier than it used to and disappear much more quickly after the holiday than, it seems, it used to.

(I missed last Halloween's sale candy, too, for those reasons. That was egregious and I wish not to repeat it.)

So! Will I be quick enough? Plus will I be able to do it after visiting a friend after work?

The suspense, it is killing you. Not me, since I'm reasonably well-fed and won't die of starvation anytime soon.