April 28th, 2011

Admiral Ackbar

Like/ Dislike/ WHATEVER/ I'm hungry

I think I just got a powerful, powerful flash of how much of my life I could have sucked away in the process of clicking "Like" and "Dislike" on YouTube videos.

Trust me, liking and disliking is allowed. I like stuff. I dislike other stuff. Sometimes my reasons for liking/disliking are worth analyzing, other times I just like or dislike stuff and go on. Even having been a reviewer, I know not everything needs to be reviewed. Urination, for one thing. (Measure that other ways. I once actually timed how long I needed to pee after seeing the 2 1/4-hour theatrical cut of The Abyss, and I needed a minute-and-a-half. Broke me of the habit of drinking too much at films!) I don't have to say everything about everything. Makes it mean more when I do review stuff, I hope.

I also don't waste time with leaving comments on YouTube. I leave that to other snarkers. I have to give props to whoever watched this horrific series of Canadian television PSAs with all sorts of on-the-job deaths and hurt and commented, "I found this video very difficult to masturbate to."

I probably waste my time in other ways. Pulling on my hair when it gets long, for one thing. (Yep I need a haircut soon.) At least I do what I can to have my blogging not be a waste of time, and to comment on LJ and on social networks in ways that I feel good about later. (Holy crap Twitter can be funny.)

In other news, I haven't commented online as much as I'd like. Now you know, and now you know that I know. And I know that you know that I know...

I'll try to say things worth saying!