May 2nd, 2011

NCC-1701 Regula

A day.

Last night, while watching Twitter explode over the news (I don't have to say what "the news" is, right?), I also was trying to disperse fumes.

The guy who does maintenance in our building got paint thinner where paint thinner shouldn't get, and it started to go through the air vents. Sudden smell where there wasn't smell before alerted me, and I went out into the hall and confirmed what was happening, and got my windows open and my ducts closed. It dispersed, but I was concerned enough about what might be in my air that I kept one window open all night and slept wearing a sweatshirt.

I didn't want to die the same day as bin Laden. (Many people did, of course. Just no one I know.)

Life, with its little oddnesses and big needs like food and sleep, kept happening, and so after (thank goodness) getting enough sleep today -- was a day. With work. (Mostly productive, with some frustrating "Huh?" moments, but as a co-worker said, "All jobs suck. That's why they pay us to do them.") There was some talk in my office about yesterday's raid, but also a lot of interview prep -- big potential job the construction company's trying to get -- which meant feeding people and running stuff to them too. I kind of...not "floated," that implies the wrong thing, but it's always a little strange to be up to your regular routines when you can feel how things around you have ever so slightly shifted, isn't it? (Another time I significantly felt that, far more so than today, was a certain day 9 1/2 years ago, and you don't need me to tell you that either.) Still, the immediate stuff needed doing, and deaths on the other side of the world are news, not something personal. Still still, that news still intruded. To borrow a crass but apt analogy from Damon Houx, "Thinking about Osama Bin Laden today was like remembering great sex from the night before. I'd be doing stuff and think 'that happened.'"

The profound shit ain't happening tonight. Maybe I've briefly run out of words. It was rather extraordinary, watching Twitter last night and seeing such a wide, thoughtful selection of comments, some of them brutally funny. My fellow Twitter users, you impressed me last night. Sometimes maddened me, too, but I could handle that. Thank you all for being there...and for being thoughtful in 140 characters or less. It's a skill.

What's next? Sleep, morning preparations for work, the commute to work, work, and another Geek Trivia after work. Life hasn't been canceled.