May 10th, 2011

Captain Kris W'lash

If I'm Sebacean, I should probably be better organized+

Tip, Chris: you are allowed to place stuff in drawers!

My piles of piles are smaller now. As sometimes happens, I got in an organizing mood, and some of that stuff is more organized, instead of sitting out and teetering. Recycling bags and trash bags are a little more full, too. Always can have less... Always can have less... Make that a mantra...

I had to get past a mental block, of worrying that if stuff goes in a drawer, it will never be seen again. It helped that I reminded myself that I have a little plastic cabinet with drawers that are -- woo hoo! -- see-through. So I can see stuff that I want at-hand, like a stash of bags I like to use, including the plastic lunch bag I've been using for years.

(It's a repurposed Franklin Covey bag from when there were still Portland-area stores, instead of the organizing company's supplies now mainly being available for online order or for purchase in Office Depot-type places. It's reasonably sturdy and certainly enough to hold my sandwiches -- two of which I've already made and set aside in the fridge. Nice to be a bit more organized THAT way, too. Speaking of reusing, I had a brown paper lunch bag at my call center job circa 2001-2002. That company insisted on each bag being labeled with name and date, so that brown paper bag built up an impressive collection of dates in red marker as I used it again and again and again. (Whoa. Put that way, it sounds so OCD.) I wasn't gonna get my food thrown out because I hadn't followed the rules.)

This means I'll likely more often look in my drawers, which is probably good. Get reminded of stuff. So now stuff is stashed that perhaps I'll rediscover later: Hey, I have that! Cool. It'll make more of an impression on Future Chris than it's made on Current Chris, when it was out and gathering dust.

By the way, I don't quite hold to the "If it's in a box and you don't need it after six months, get rid of the box" philosophy. Too much collected stuff is still in boxes. I'm obsessive enough (not clinically so) to want to go through that stuff every once in a while, and weed out some stuff but keep other stuff. Less likely to lose something.

So. More of my desktop -- my desk's desktop, not my computer screen -- is visible. WIN. Tax info is in a drawer. ALSO WIN. Hanging folders are holding more things. Receipts are not piling up. Receipts can get on with the filthiness I imagined once, and I don't have to see it.

+ The icon for tonight's entry is the Tuckerized Chris Walsh, made by Keith R.A. DeCandido (kradical) into Captain Kris W'lash of the Sebacean Peacekeepers in Farscape, originally a TV series, now a comic. Capt. W'lash was in the flashback storyline D'Argo's Trial, which I have but am waiting to read until I've finished watching the TV series. Don't tell me what happened to Capt. W'lash! I can guess, because of how brutal Farscape can be to its characters, but I can wait to learn the particulars.
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