May 17th, 2011

Berthold Run

Just bruised physically

Today, work bruised me. I accepted that and went on.

One drawer in a cabinet in my part of the office is stuck. Won't open at all. We got a repair guy to open it once, and eventually it got stuck again. It holds archives, so the files in it aren't usually needed, but just in case... So one of my supervisors OKed me and some others in Marketing clearing other drawers in that cabinet, so that one can get the stuck drawer emptied.

I emptied some of it. I did it by pulling out the drawer above it, holding that drawer out as far as I could, actually pushing a little at the highest drawer to push it back maybe a millimeter or two, and reach into the gap to grab the manila folders.

My arms aren't quite Pop-Eye arms, but they're still just slightly bigger around then the gap I was able to make. Not enough to get stuck (THANK GOD), but there was some slight damage involved. If you ever wanted to see me bruised, you wish you could see me now.

Thanks to one file in this drawer getting stuck and another falling over and lying partly on the drawer's bottom, I think I'm gonna cry "Uncle" and have one of our repair guys just get it open. Then I'll remove the rest of the files and, with said supervisor's permission, put a note on that stuck-more-than-once drawer that says "Don't use. Won't open." (If I'm feeling laconic.)