May 28th, 2011

Good Omens

Bobby Roberts laughs, laughs, laughs

Sometimes, especially writing-wise, I want to be Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts when I grow up. Which would take some doing, since I'm older than him.

That said, his being the subject of a Wikipedia flame war led to him writing When Even Nobodies Think You’re A Nobody: How I Lost The Wikipedia War (Without Even Entering!). Excerpt below:

So a guy named Brandon set about trying to create a Cort and Fatboy page. He emailed, let me know he was thinking about it, I told him “Godspeed and good luck to you on your journey, young squire,” and off he went. In order to make the page stick, he had to meet “notability” requirements. According to Wikipedia, notability means that a dead media has to have mentioned you a couple times. Why Wikipedia, a living, breathing, shifting document that hums and thrums inside the squirming carcass of the internet, would only deem something notable if a magazine/newspaper with less circulation than your average Legend of Zelda walkthrough covers it, I don’t know. It seems a silly thing to me, but them’s the rules on being considered “notable” enough to share space with articles like “Mucus” and “Burping.”

So Brandon goes out, and finds articles from The Oregonian, and Willamette Week, and The Portland Mercury, and the AP, and writes up an article that incorporates those mentions, and submits it, and I find out that the article exists when it is summarily drug out into the middle of the information superhighway, shot in the face multiple times, and then teabagged. He directs me to a link where a bunch of people I’ve never heard of are explaining why we’re nobodies. Which is funny in and of itself, really...
Read the whole thing!
iAm iSaid

Last night: Karaoke glory

Of course, of course, of course I'd have fun at karaoke. Guess what I did last night?

Friday, May 27th, 2011: my first time at the Alibi Tiki Lounge and Bar on North Interstate. Also my first time singing karaoke. Not my first time celebrating someone's birthday: I and many others came for the birthday of Brandee Haynes, a member of both PDX Yar (the pirate performance group) and Atomic Arts (the actors and crew who put on Trek in the Park. Brandee's a pip. Really, she's good people, and it was a fun night. Pirates and Trekkers are among her and my friends; I'll always like that.

I sang the remix of Elvis Presley's "A Little Less Conversation." Did it with passable Elvis drawl, too. Got good reactions to it from the crowd.

Before that, I had to choose that. SO MANY SONGS IN THAT BINDER OF SONGS FROM WHICH TO CHOOSE. You may not be surprised that I looked passingly, for my own amusement, for inappropriate and perhaps mood-killing karaoke songs (yes they do have Johnny Cash's "25 Minutes To Go"!), but I told myself not to overthink it. Find one and choose one. (Being that I can take five minutes to order from Taco Bell, that's an achievement.) Plus I can choose many other songs when I do this again. (I did check out the Prince and Queen selection, too, though I don't think I could really pull off "Let's Go Crazy." At least not yet. Same with the "Theme to Fresh Prince of Bel Air." But I considered both.)

Other highlights from the Alibi:
  • A Wrath of Khan in-joke Adam Rosko and Jesse Graff pulled off.

  • Rosko being impressed with the place's layout. "You can't hear the karaoke in the bar, just in the lounge." This is true.

  • Me having my first frozen daiquiri!

  • Brandee's custom birthday cake, courtesy the worthy local writer/ PDX Yar-er Holly McCollum, that was a panda (Brandee has a thing for pandas) with a slightly terrified expression. Made eating it cooler and more evil.

  • Me finding another place where I can be loud and swear-y and it works/is amusing in context, instead of annoying me or anyone else. Cutting loose can be a learned skill. One that can use reinforcing. *grins*
  • Me 2 (B&W)

    Homer eats the God-waffle

    Random hits from the day that has passed:

  • Saw and liked Rango, the animated Johnny-Depp-as-lizard Western. Also impressed with how genuinely beautiful much of the film is. I was armed with knowledge that it was an askew, at times near-psychedelic movie, so I was prepared and thus didn't find it confusing (maybe I would have had I not been warned that way), but oh, is it pretty eye-candy.

    It's also well-directed: very clean in how it handles even some very busy action sequences (fleet of bats! cool!). It reminds me how good a director Gore Verbinski is; heck, I've liked him ever since his genuinely odd first feature MouseHunt, long before he controlled the chaos of the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I'd make sure to see any other animated film he made, should he choose to make more. In fact, I wonder if he does want to do more.

  • I continue to resist, when ordering fried chicken, to quote Queen and say "Just gimme gimme gimme fried chicken." This bullet point brought to you by the Delta Cafe, which made tonight's dinner of (as you guessed) fried chicken, plus red-beans-and-rice plus pork-touched collard greens.

  • Thunder! Heard some while navigating the buses between the Academy Theater, where I saw Rango, and the Delta. I think I saw one shot of lightning, too, but I can't be sure. I still kind of miss big thunderstorms. The state of Virginia made me a fan of them.

  • Decided to try to let my facial hair return. It seems to grow based on mood. Its mood. I know, the dead cells that make up hair can't have moods, they're dead, but I'll still think that, that it's going Do I wanna grow? Should I stay under the skin? It's warrrrrrm under here... Oh, crap, my facial hair is lazy.

  • I like this emoticon that web cartoonist Spike Trotman uses: (0_0)-b <-- written here so I can remember it

  • Listening to Ilan Eshkeri's score to Stardust (2007), a film of which I'm very fond. I love that one of the big musical stings in it is just for Michelle Pfeiffer throwing off her robe to admire herself. I'd probably hear that musical sting if Michelle Pfeiffer threw off her clothes in front of me. (Note to David E. Kelley: I'm not stealing her from you.)

  • ...and now listening to Ennio Morricone's music for Once Upon a Time in the West, which Hans Zimmer echoed in his Rango score (adding Hector Periera doing a Dick Dale and his Del-Tones impression, it sounds like).

  • The subject line refers to that episode of The Simpsons with the line "Mmmmm. Sacrilicious."