June 2nd, 2011

Good Omens

Where is your Zod now?

Fellow Geeks? Hi. You know Zod. You know he's powerful enough to have caused this:

What would make him more powerful? Picture Zod with a machine gun.

See the Richard Donner re-cut version of Superman II tomorrow night, if you're in Portland and 21 or older, and ponder why the producers cut M-F'ING ZOD WITH AN M-F'ING MACHINE GUN out of their film. Bagdad Theater and Pub, doors at 10:00, half an hour of pre-film entertainment reel pulled together by Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts, film digitally projected at 11:00.

(There is at least one still online of ZOD WITH A GUN, but I decided not to use it. Yet. Have it be more of a surprise when it actually happens in the film.)