June 17th, 2011

I listen

A joke lies on the ground, twitching

Also could be called Not Paying Attention, You're Doing It:

I scanned the radio dial in the company car while in part of Washington state yesterday and landed on some adult-contemporary station, which to me sounds like some amalgam of what used to be Top 40 and what still is, of course, dance music. The station played Lady Gaga's "Poker Face." I didn't get the impression that the station would also play Lady Gaga's most recent single "Born This Way," which I mention as preamble to this:

The DJ mentioned that "Weird Al" Yankovic has a new album coming out, and he called it "Apocalypse," and inwardly I went "uh oh" because the title's Alpocalypse, and that the lead single is a parody of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face," and outwardly I rolled my eyes because no, Al's lead single is "Perform The Way," a parody of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way," and by the way he had to go through more rigmarole to get permission to do that than he usually does, and what does the DJ say is Al's lead single? "Polka Face."

Yep. Not a fan, not paying attention, not getting the jokes. Al's lead single is called "Perform This Way," which has fun with the performance-art craziness Lady Gaga's famous for. "Polka Face"? That's Al's latest polka medley, also on the album (Alpocalypse! How do you not spot Al's name in Al's title?! Oh, by not being a fan and by not paying attention) but which he created well before he finished this latest album. I heard it at Al's Portland concert last year. But all this info got scrambled, and not a tasty scramble like an omelet either, just a mess of a scramble. And it makes "Weird Al" Yankovic, a guy who's almost made me piss myself laughing, seem unfunny.

Thank you, people who can still be funny. Unlike that somewhere-in-Washington DJ.

This is why I walk.

Today's been a walking day. I took advantage. Walked at lunch (left a gift for someone nice during the walk, too+), then walked after work, both times reveling in finally for now not needing a coat because of cold wetness. It's gotten summerish -- briefly (it'll cool down and get drizzly tomorrow) -- and I knew I wanted that sweet, sweet source of Vitamin D. Seriously, nutrients from the sun: it's not just for plant life!

So I walked out of downtown. And happened to be just about finished crossing the lift-able portion of the Hawthorne Bridge when the sirens, the ones that sound before a lift, sounded. I got to watch a Hawthorne Bridge bridge-lift from close quarters, and the Portland Spirit pass through the gap, on a nice day where I can get a little sweat on and enjoy the late-afternoon sun slanting past downtown's buildings and feel a bit of breeze.

Though it made me wish I'd brought my camera. (But yay words! For describing!)

+ Recently I finished reading the novel Fathom by Cherie Priest (cmpriest), who's since had a genuine hit with her good, neat steampunk-inspired novels Boneshaker (which I liked) and Dreadnought (which I liked more). But I need less stuff (and fewer things (see what I did there? Word choice lesson!)), and I realized I know a definite Cherie Priest fan: news anchor Steph Stricklen, of KGW News Channel 8, and who's on Twitter. So at lunch I walked to the main KGW Studios -- it was also a nice time to walk then, too -- and dropped off the book. And a few minutes ago Stricklen responded on Twitter...enthusiastically. *beams*