June 30th, 2011

Star Wars - Fly away...

Learning to Fly

This wasn't a funny dream. In fact, one scene in it made it a point not to be funny, as I was sitting in some warehouse in an industrial part of dream-Portland surrounded by milling people working on projects, and I was under the impression I needed to tell some of the people there a funny story, and I started telling a story, and I realized it wasn't funny at all. Other people I know, and who I know are funny (creative, too), were there, like David Walker of the book Darius Logan: Super Justice Force, who was in the same warehouse working on an action scene for a film. Also at one point I headed down a stairwell into a basement restaurant where the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom version of Thuggees were prepared to do no good, but it turned out that if I kept going down the stairs in one direction, I'd keep arriving in that restaurant, but earlier, thus avoiding the Thuggees and not likely to be killed or enslaved. I accepted all this and went on. Dreams are like that.

And by doing that, I was rewarded with a beauty moment.

Having gotten out of the time-travel vortex of that basement restaurant -- no, I don't know how -- I got to fly over dream-Portland. Some sort of ultra-light, one-person flying vehicle that almost didn't seem to be there, but which got me aloft almost noiselessly in the dusk-colored sky. I flew towards one of several, several formations of geese, a formation flying north over the Willamette, and I was impressed with the regularity of the formation. Then I saw that it wasn't just geese. At the head of the formation, the goose that would lead the formation was itself being led.

By a bald eagle. The eagle was just above and ahead of it, pumping its gigantic wings and shielding the goose, at times leaning its head down and gently, somehow gently, guiding it with its beak. Then the bald eagle split off from the formation, and the geese kept flying, and I thought They'll probably bank away from me now, and they did -- the bald eagle one way, upward in fact, and the few dozen geese banking away from me. I accepted that -- it tends to be good to accept what's happening in a dream -- and banked away as well, flying my way as they flew theirs.

Things like that happen when I accept my dreams.
Good Omens


And "this" is Axe Cop.

That is all.

Wait, I should say more! 1) I'd heard of Axe Cop soon after it hit the Web in early 2010. 2) Back then I thought "That could be my kind of madness." 3) At Geek Trivia this past Tuesday I won a copy of Dark Horse Comics's first collection of Axe Cop comics, AND IT IS. I mean, my kind of madness. 4) Axe Cop is written by a boy, Malachai Nicolle, who's age 6 now and was 5 when he started. It's drawn by his brother, Ethan Nicolle, who's age 30 now and was 29 when he started making the comic with Malachai. It grew out of their play times. 5) Kids think up crazy stuff. 6) THIS SHOULD NOT SURPRISE YOU. 7) Axe Cop must fight with, or fight alongside, dinosaurs, ninjas, vampires, German Shepherds, zombies, and a duck. Speaking of: 8) Baby-Man chasing the duck in "The Ultimate Battle" may be THE GREATEST THING EVER. Plus woo hoo for the Fremont Bridge cameo! Ethan Nicolle just added sidewalks. 9) It is surprisingly satisfying to yell what Axe Cop yells at bad guys, which is "I will chop your head off!" 10) Sharks WOULD be more awesome if they a) didn't eat people and b) had legs. 11) I know one of the artists who's done an Axe Cop guest comic! 12) At one while writing this I misspelled it "Aex." "Aex" needs to be a character name.