July 13th, 2011

Blow My Mind

Sleep deprived

Three hours ago...

Three hours ago I was in bed. Until the rargle-fargle-wargle phone rang at 3:30 in the fargle-rargle morning. The phone's across the room from my bed; I can't just grab it. I'm lying there going Whuh? Huh? Uh-oh maybe? I didn't get up: if it was the sort of call you're most likely to get at 3:30 in the f'ing morning, the OH MY GOD MY HOUSE JUST DISINTEGRATED OH MY GOD sort of call, the person calling would leave a message.

The person calling didn't leave a message.

The person calling THEN CALLED AGAIN. Maybe a minute later. Okay, that time I DID get up, grumbling and swearing.

I wonder if I was getting "butt-called," those errant calls from an accidentally-dialled cell phone, because I only heard a couple of voices from a distance, voices which sounded like they were laughing. Voices connected to ears which didn't hear me saying "Hello? Who is this? You woke me up. Who is this? I'm hanging up now."

Once I hung up, the phone did not ring again, but getting back to sleep? Not the easiest.

*grumbles* *swears*

By the way, I don't remember if this happened before all that or after all that, but I had vivid dreams lamenting the death of someone cute. I won't say who so as not to jinx things, but I actually looked up said cute person in question online today. If anything had happened, a Wikipedia page would've said so. HATE DREAMS LIKE THAT, I really do.

Could I go to sleep again? Like now?