August 27th, 2011

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A lot more of you are on my mind right now than you may think.

Here I am joining the chorus of people not in Hurricane Irene's possible path saying "Stay safe, y'all."

This entry and this thought also gets around a block I was having: if I say that individually to the various people I know who'll be affected by this storm, I might forget somebody or more than one somebody and that wouldn't be fair. Why speak to this person but not that person?

My apparent need to be fair kicks in even now.

So. Stay safe, y'all.

Wishing he could slap the hurricane into orbit, it's
Blow My Mind

Wishful reading

The invite said Saturday. It said Saturday morning, from this time to that time, at this site, plus Portland's weather was (and is) hella conducive to going out in it so I went.

And halfway through the time specified, all that had happened in that spot was people running by with their dogs and a city employee cleaning up trash.

Worst flash mob ever? No, me misreading an invite for THE WRONG FLIPPIN' SATURDAY. The event's not for a few Saturdays. And no, I don't need to be THAT prepared for it.

Plus, hey, the weather is niiiiiiiiiiice -- warmth! Comfort! No hurricane or even rain worries here right now! -- and I got to sit outside on a nice morning, read, walk around for a bit, and enjoy a quiet spot. Which will be decidedly not noisy a few weeks from now.

(Vague post due to it being a private event invite. There is such a thing as Facebook privacy.)
Me 3

I can like people again

Me, mean? Last night, I was headed that direction.

It didn't help that I was exhausted after a day that was more difficult than it had to be, but I felt the potential to be mean welling up in me. And I saw that that was a bad sign. Solution: cocoon, interact not by talking by voice (where I felt I stood a great chance of being unfiltered and jerk-y) but by typing on my online haunts, and preparing for sleep. Which then had such dream imagery as me leaving dirty dishes Not telling.

After this morning's escapade, I continued to be by myself. But then I braved getting out around people. This was good, and stayed good: I was getting along with people! This happened at Sellwood Park, some blocks north of the Sellwood Bridge and an easy bus ride from my place, where my fellow fans of The Rick Emerson Show had a meet-up.

(To be careful, I first did reconnaisance and found where the meet-up was, then sat nearby, first reading and then putting my head down for some minutes. I'm less anti-social when I'm more rested.)

This was good. I met neat people, reconnected with friends, gave Rick a gift that he approved of (two plush dolls of members of KISS that I'd bought cheap last month at the PDX Yar "YARdsale") and had good picnic food. Was there for hours, and those were satisfying hours. I'm glad I felt ready to be around people by then.

Don't be mean. If you can help it. This is Loads Of Advice By Chris Walsh. (Or I guess I could've just quoted Wil Wheaton: "Don't Be A Dick!")