September 18th, 2011

Cartoon Chris


Can you believe -- no, can I believe -- I was in bed this morning until almost 10:00? Yes. Why? An event last night! A happy fun time event. It's been a couple of years since it's happened, but the mad men I know at Geek in the City put on their third-ever Boo-Yah Awards. It's a smart-assed movie awards show/ live version of the Geek in the City Radio podcast/ trivia contest, now with Bonus!Pirate Singing and Bonus!Skit Performance and more. Guardian Games hosted the event: it wound up a good-sized venue, with a good-sized audience: the second-ever Boo-Yahs back in February 2009 (at Cosmic Monkey Comics) had maybe a little too large turnout, as in a harder-to-control turnout. (Very welcome member of that turnout: the fantastic anno_superstar, visiting from Sweden and staying with GitC's Aaron Duran and Jennifer Alvin.) Lessons from last night:

  • Good that I only had one beer, because one beer a night? All I really need.

  • I can laugh that loud. (Maybe it was partly the beer, but I almost fell out of my chair laughing at one bit.)

  • This is a good crowd, the Portland geek/Portland media/ Portland creatives crowd that gets to events like this and who I get to hang out with. I like this crowd. I want them to keep liking me.

  • I did better at visiting, and just being present, with fellow guests during breaks in the event. Plenty of socializing happened just in general.

  • More flirting is allowed, Chris. You'll like doing it, and you're better at it then you seem to think. *smiles*

  • Cleavage should always be used for good! As it was last night. Thanks, PDX Yar! (Three of the ladies who perform with PDX Yar sang a bawdy song. "Bawdy" was the right word for it.)

  • Being a cheapskate equaled walking home last night, because by late it was still going to be faster than taking buses home. Good way to be tired enough once I'm home to sleep until almost 10:00!
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