September 25th, 2011

TNG Darmok

Yes, My Mind, it actually was a good weekend. You're allowed to think that.

Maybe what we have here is a failure to communicate.

(I've failed at blogging lately, as you can see. Haven't felt like doing more than Twitter and Facebook. And being Away From Keyboard. Anyway...)

Mood is a maddening thing. And my mood, especially last night, hasn't really matched what I've been doing. I've been good at getting Out Of The Moment and thinking back, or forward, to things that frustrate me or make me moodier. Gee, thanks, My Mind.

I mean, come on, last night involved burlesque, a good troupe (Critical Hit Burlesque) doing video game-themed performances (truth: Ms. Pac-Man has nice legs), and I was laughing, clapping, cheering, and enjoying the sexiness and the sense of humor involved in that -- though not too loudly, as my voice felt a little rough and I didn't want to scream it into being even rougher, plus I was about as far back as I could be in the theater so the performers wouldn't have heard me -- but my mind was being good at taking me out of the moment. So: a little battle, which is a little frustrating.

But it has been a good weekend.

Got out in it, for one thing. Slept well when I slept, for another. Conversed well with some friends. Made people laugh; that's important to me.

Today, I got out to the Belmont Inn, where my friend Gerald was cooking breakfast for those of us wanting to watch early NFL games. Our mutual friend Heather -- the three of us got to know each other at a now-canceled trivia night -- visited, too. Good visiting, it turns out. All three of us appreciated the almost warm-ish fall rain Portland was getting this morning. After breakfast, I did walking, almost always a good idea in Portland where you can walk most blocks in about 45-50 seconds (I timed it once). Walking got me to the library, to the Laurelhurst for a cheap screening of the fun superhero film Captain America, to the library again, then to shopping, then to my car. I read during much of that, too. (No, not during the film, because I was liking it.) So: my kind of workout, on a nice day with agreeable weather -- yes I can handle wet weather, which is good, plus we did finally get reasonably warm weather in Portland at summer's end and that helped -- and it was productive, and entertaining. Like more of my life than my mind seems to want to admit.

Now you know a little more. And I'll keep blogging so you'll know still more on top of that.