October 13th, 2011

Berthold Run

Now THAT'S an afternoon OFF

Short day at work? I can handle that. I increased the chance of running into people outside of work by walking around downtown. Usual or at least semi-frequent haunts -- central library, a couple of food cart pods, Backspace Café (uninterrupted computer time! As opposed to the one-hour daily limit at the library. THIS FELT LUXURIOUS), and an art gallery run by a friend of mine just in case it was open, which it wasn't -- and then I got on a bus to get to another bus to get home when...

...Why not? Let's visit Brian and Lisa Wood at Big-Ass Sandwiches, I thought. Got off that bus only one stop past where I'd gotten on and walked over. The cart's front was closed, but I saw that the door into it was open a crack. "Hello?" I said. "Taking visitors?"

They were! At least people they know and trust, like me. Lisa, Brian and crew members were closing down for the day. It's a multi-step process, in the middle of which they stopped, locked the cart, and crossed the street to the Ash Street Saloon to sit, drink, and talk with crew mates and friends of theirs. I sat looking out the window, so later in the visit I got to see a couple of guys carry a small wood coffin filled with doughnuts. (Turns out that's a Voodoo Doughnut thing. You can buy a three-foot-or-so-long coffin filled with at least a few dozen doughnuts. And once you've eaten those, you have a nice decorative coffin!) After drinking (well, they drank; I'd already splurged on the Backspace Café food), we got back to the cart, and while they finished their end-of-the-day shut-down, they even let me into the cart for the first time. "So this is where the magic happens," I said, and I meant it. And wow, that's a small space, especially when there are three or four people in it. I couldn't work there. You have to REALLY LIKE EACH OTHER to do that.

(Some shenanigans occurred in and around the cart. This will go un-detailed. But this will still amuse me. I'll give this one detail: I said "You can say it's pronounced 'A Ssssssandwich!'"

(Also, more than once they scraped the cart door on their pickup truck parked almost too close to the cart. I decided the truck was hurt. I kissed it to make it better. I KISSED A TRUCK. Don't worry, I didn't like it. But Brian high-fived me for that.)