October 27th, 2011


LJ Idol Topic 2: Three Little Words

"Autobots, roll out!"

...no, that's not it.

"Don't drive angry."

...no. Not it either.


Huh. It is said with feeling...

Still, the thing is: three words can say a lot.

..."Goddam it, Maverick "? NO. Especially since that's really "God damn it, Maverick!" (Very distinct pause between the syllables. James Tolkan's diction is fantastic.)

Three is a magic number. Three can be a hook. ("Call me Ishmael." Okay. That might work.) In music, three notes can be another kind of hook, the motif that kicks off a melody ("Golllld-FING-ger..."). In English, that which does an action can be the first word, a verb can be the second, that to which the action is done can be the third. Three words, like "Bookmarks grew legs." (Though as Stephen King pointed out, any one noun + any one verb = a sentence, even if that sentence is "Teeth melt." But I digress. Again, three words!) Three can be potent. Three can be the most meaning packed into the fewest words.

So if you say only three words, make. Them. Count. That's important. And make sure you mean them, too. That's important. I've said three little words that I thought I meant. I didn't. Took me years to realize that. So, to a certain someone: I am sorry.

And when I do say those three words again, I'll do my best to make them count.

..."That'll do, pig." I don't know about you, but that just makes me feel better.

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