October 30th, 2011

Me 3

Discovery tonight:

Hey, I look kind of good in all-black T-shirts! I should have more of them.

Hi. I'm back from the Halloween party that friends of mine hosted. I turned my Big-Ass Sandwiches T-shirt inside out, pulled off the care tag so there was no white inside of it, grabbed a random piece of hardware (a broken camera my Grandpa Irv used to use) and told people I was going as Adam Savage from Mythbusters. Slightly half-assed but at least I could pull together something costume-like.

I had thoughts on how to "sell" the costume more. Like go into the kitchen, look at the stove top, and say "A watched pot never boils? BUSTED!" People at the party, however, weren't too concerned with that: they were content to hang out and have a good time, so most of us didn't need to perform (except for the local musicians who played in the basement).

This is the most dressed up I've been for Halloween in years. It's like I forgot to do that. Next goal: another easy costume I could manage? Wash from Firefly. (Though an evil part of me would want to go as Wash from Serenity, meaning I'd have an enormous spike sticking into my chest.)
Berthold Run

Another Uprise Books plea

Acquaintances of mine have until Tuesday, Nov. 1st at 2:59am EDT (or 11:59 p.m. on Oct. 31st Pacific, my time) to collect $10,000 worth in pledges to Uprise Books, a project dedicated to getting banned and challenged books to young people. With 38 hours to go as I write this, Uprise Books has $8,824 in pledges.

Here's the pledge link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/uprisebooksproject/the-uprise-books-project-fighting-poverty-with-ban It's very simple to pledge.

If you've pledged before, you can pledge more. Yesterday I upped mine from $30 to $42. There are gift incentives if you want them and pledge certain amounts. As my bolder-speaking-than-me friend Gerald said on Twitter, "Help create fewer dumbasses and donate to @Uprisebooks. The rest of us thank you."

Added to add to the urgency: Uprise Books found out this morning that a major contributor, whose pledge made up 5% of last night's total, pulled said pledge.
Cartoon Chris

My Portland life, let me show you it

Tonight I'll get treated to dinner. I decided I want steak. I asked for suggestions of good steak places near to my SE Portland place. Someone I know thanks to Twitter suggested the Acropolis. I told him the dinner's my parents' treat.

Now I wonder how often families do have special dinners at strip clubs. Hey, it is Portland...and the Acrop is reasonably close to where I live... *grins*

P.S. Said Twitter friend added "And the steaks are locally-grown in Boring, OR. :)" How Portland is that?
Sally Salt Disgusted

An itch you didn't know needed to be scratched

Idea I'll just throw out there: The Big Lebowski: The Cartoon. How has this not happened in the last 13 years? RoboCop had a cartoon. The Toxic Avenger had a cartoon. Heck, Chinatown had a cartoon, if you count Rango. *grins*

But until such blessed madness as animated Big Lebowski happens, we must content ourselves with cartoons being redubbed with lines from the film.

Like He-Man:

and The Simpsons:

and SpongeBob SquarePants (embedding disabled by request).

and even The Flintstones:

Language, no f***ing duh.

(Posted in part to amuse coyotegoth.)
Flavored Calories.

All hail meat

Thanks to everyone who suggested that if I wanted a special steak dinner, I should go to Laurelhurst Market, the repurposed quickie mart/combination restaurant and butcher shop on E. Burnside across from Music Millennium. Mom and Dad invited me to a special dinner -- to which I actually had to (sort of) resist suggesting Five Guys -- and I was in the mood for steak. And now steak is in me. This blog is just all full of surprises.

I need more bar experience. I keep not getting the proper volume for speaking in a loud enclosed space. (I...I was too loud at times and didn't realize it. Apparently people were looking at me.) Or maybe I just know a lot of loud people.

Anyway, definitely a treat and definitely not my regular place, but! The food went down well. And that was the big thing I wanted.

You're probably not surprised that I've written a song about meat. I did it as a happy birthday message for docbrite, with his Liquor characters Rickey and G-Man making a cameo, and the song was

All hail meat!
Thanks to chefs, you can eat it!
It can’t fail, meat
Because Rocky can beat it!
We’re all made of meat
So very well we should treat it!
Like the best of things, meat:
It tastes good when we heat it!
NCC-1701 Nebula 2

Needed books

Good news, everyone! Unless you don't like young people getting to read banned books, and if you're like that you're probably not reading this anyway...

Today, after a shaky morning where it had lost a full 5% of what was then the pledged amount, the Uprise Books project -- to make copies of banned and challenged books available to low-income teenagers and other young people with similarly lacking access to books -- is now 100%-plus funded. A Twitter push by, among others, Wil Wheaton helped put it over the top.

I know one of the people making Uprise Books happen, so I'm happy for Justin (hi, Justin!) and his team, and I feel good that I've finally been moved to donate to something via Kickstarter. I'd been aware of other projects that raised money that way, but I hadn't donated to them and, eventually, came to kind of wish I had. Donating is a good habit. I can spare it, at least sparingly. I used to be better about that. But that's my own money angst. I'm glad Uprise Books now has less money angst.