November 2nd, 2011

Flavored Calories.


Finally. Took years of attempts to do it correctly (and to have the funds to do so), but now I have A WHOLE FRED MEYER BAG full of bags of half-price Halloween candy. Bought Nov. 1st, this particular Nov. 1st on my way back from Geek Trivia,

See, other Octobers I'd tell myself OK, after Halloween I'll get candy at a discount, but I'd either forget or wait so long that the Christmas decorations were up. I stopped at Fred Meyer (oy, this is starting to sound like a plug -- it's the big main supermarket chain around here, it's convenient, plus hey my grandfather worked for the chain in the 1930s so I can justify it that way too) and first thought I was too late -- yes, Christmas items were up in Seasonal -- but I asked an employee there and she confirmed that there were a couple of tables on the other side of the store with Halloween candy. I laughed while getting candy. I may have cackled some.

Now THAT'S celebrating.