November 4th, 2011

Me 1


A name plate!

I now have a name plate, it says "Chris Walsh" and everything (actually, it just says "Chris Walsh"), that can stand on the counter next to my desk. I hadn't had that yet at this job. In fact, I haven't had a name plate for a work space since my Hermiston Herald job that ended in 2000.

I never made a big deal out of not having one, but finally someone decided I should have one and I didn't know until I walked past the mail room and two of my co-workers spotted me out of the corners of their eyes and called to me to come in. And another Hoffman person who I don't know by name, so I don't really know him yet, showed me the name plate. I thanked strongly.

Today I kept going past my desk and seeing the name plate and laughing to myself. So official! I might be doing good at this job thingy.
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