November 6th, 2011

Oregon Coast 1

Full advantage taken (weekend wrap-up)

Lots of ground covered, by my standards, this weekend. Quickly:

  • Spent Friday night and all of Saturday at my parents' rural-ish house.

  • Read a fair amount.

  • Got warm and stayed warm.

  • Watched plenty of football on cable channels I don't get at home. (Yay Ducks!)

  • Watched bits of Starship Troopers, as edited for basic cable. Amused that most of the blood and violence was still intact but that "Someone made a BIG goddam mistake!" was redubbed "Someone made a BIG gol-darn mistake!"

  • Wrote about crap, kind of. You're warned.

  • Drove to Eugene today to visit Alicia. Had a satisfying (and cheap!) lunch at Cafe Yumm. Was happy to learn that the insanely ridiculous (or maybe it's ridiculously insane) film Van Helsing really, REALLY entertained her, which I'd hoped it would.

  • Was also able to tell Alicia something I've told her before: that I'm glad I know her and that, thanks to her, we're still friends. (We were a couple once. Then we weren't. Then she reached me and asked if we could try being friends. That's lasted far longer.)

    This weekend has been a needed weekend.