November 7th, 2011

Blow My Mind

No matter what, it was annoying

Gyauggggh. Everyone was in a mood.



OK, not everyone (watch someone get on my case for speaking hyperbole), but bunches of people. Moody and annoyed and snappish. Started that way and kept going for the whole nine hours in the office. Our work kept being "off," or wrong, or needing correcting right then, then correcting again, then correcting again.

(This is almost an exact quote from today: "That's so wasteful. Redo it." I'll say no, I lied; I wanted to say "CAN YOU HEAR YOURSELF?")

Today needed a scream break. Seriously. Annoyance continued to the end. One co-worker's shoe heel broke off. It's been that kind of day. He had to head to the store right after work to either repair it or replace it because he was going to drive someone he knows to her wedding. Okay, something was happening today that's positive. SOMETHING.)

But today was simply harder than it had to be.