November 18th, 2011


Still here.

I might need some time of radio silence, but I'm here.

Edit To Add: I feel I should take a couple of days' break from posting to LJ. I'm still on Twitter, though, so it's not total radio silence. Just being quiet here.
Admiral Ackbar

I'll add...

...that, for job-related reasons and personal reasons, I am fucking exhausted. I'll tell you just the job-related reasons: a) I drove to Eugene today for an errand and B) the day before, I worked my longest day ever at this office. Fifteen (that's 15) hours. I shit you not. The company sprang for a cab to take me home.

Apparently I swear more when tired. My talking in my sleep must sound like a Tarantino film. (Note: as far as I know, I do not talk in my sleep.)