December 12th, 2011

Oregon Coast 1

Let the sunshine in

Taking care of myself. Easing into this day and this week. Giving myself more time to sleep: I got to bed earlier last night and had the alarm set for 6:00, later than I used to set it. (I woke up on my own at 5:40.) Breathing. Thinking. Opening the shades, because Portland has cloud breaks this morning.

I can use some sun.

I'm working on how I'll tackle the job hunt. I indeed got my hair cut yesterday. (Somehow my head seems bigger when my hair is shorter.) My hair's clipper-short; it barely needs brushing, so that's less to deal with in the morning. Getting the haircut yesterday, my hair was coming off in tufts. There was a lot of it. Not Mel-Gibson-as-Riggs amounts of it, but a lot of it. And someday there will again be a lot of it, but for now it's worth being more clean-cut.

More cleaning will also happen; my apartment needs it. My former employer's "official driver" card and "this employee better not be on drugs" card are now in the trash. Other stuff will get thrown away. Always needing less stuff around me.

Also taking a break from watching shows on DVD. I finished and returned Season 2 of Leverage this past weekend, and made sure I didn't have holds on other season sets of shows, because those can be real time-sucks. I'm still borrowing books; it's easier to dip into those and avoid being completely wrapped up in them.

As I've been saying, I'm still here. (As if I need to remind myself? Maybe, but that doesn't hurt.) And as I've said in the past, what's next is what's next. Heck, when I started this blog, I was looking for work. I've handled this before...
Me 1

"I'm looking for K. Have you seen him? Sort of a surly, older gentleman..."

OK, for the first time in over a decade I am officially excited about a Men In Black sequel:

While I liked the first film, my overarching reaction was much like my reaction a few years later to the first X-Men film: that it was set-up for an even more interesting second film. The second X-Men delivered on that. The second Men In Black didn't. (Plus it wasted a genuinely good performance by Will Smith, showing how world-weary J had become. Playing world-weary is a tough acting job for someone young. Even Orson Welles -- who was 25 when he made Citizen Kane -- had trouble with it.)

But time travel? One of my story loves. Clever casting? I'm all over that. Just the whole look and camera work of the MiB films? I truly like that: Barry Sonnenfeld was born to shoot this series this way.

Now I just have to hope the story's indeed compelling. Considering what most intrigued me about MiB II was something that turned out not to be true about the film at all*, I want what the filmmakers actually came up with here to be worth my time.

* Since a scene in an early cut of MiB II had been set on the roof of one of the World Trade Center towers, a rumor went out that the ending involved a slew of alien spaceships folding themselves out of the WTC, much like the craft hidden in the World's Fair complex in the first film. The rumor went on to say that the film's post-9/11 reshoots also shot footage of the Chrysler Building, implying that special effects would be redone so that the alien ships would be inside that building. Again, none of that was true. Though it makes it feel more right that the third film does use the Chrysler Building...
Whale fluke

Help a friend's health for Christmas

Time to join a bunch of online places in announcing and supporting this:

"Patrick's Evil Kidney DOT Com" is a good cause for a good couple in a crap situation.

There. Keeping it simple, because the first entry on that blog, which includes the PayPal link to donate, sums up quickly and eloquently how life has really, really changed for Patrick Hurley and Dawn Taylor.

I've made my first (that's a reminder to myself) donation to this, and a bunch of good people are beating the drums for Patrick and Dawn, too.

"Patrick's Evil Kidney." Do good. It's possible,