December 14th, 2011

Clay. Bill...Clay.

Fuller disclosure:

I inadvertently lied.

Geek Trivia (see the questions here) was fun again, when I went last night after a break (I'd last gone on November 1st). Didn't play, but I enjoyed it as a spectator event. I also was in "let's say hi to as many people as possible" mode, so I floated around a lot..., that's not the lie, that's metaphorical language. If I'd floated, certain rules of the universe would've been all "WHAT????!" But I digress...

...I visited (you're welcome, Literal People) with a bunch of friends and acquaintances. And during that, I thought I recognized someone I've gotten to know through Geek Trivia, specifically Dark Horse editor Rachel Edidin. We've had some in-person and online dealings, and she's editing Caitlin R. Kiernan's first comic book in years. So her work is Relevant To My Interests (Edidin also edits the gloriously insane Axe Cop comic) and I've been hoping to know her better. Maybe I was doing Wishful Seeing when I thought I saw her. Nope. It was local artist Kory Bing. Our conversation never got to a point where either of us realized I was wrong about who I was talking to. Ms. Bing simply assumed at first that she and I had met and she was just forgetting my name and face.

(I've done that. I was less good with faces and names back when I was a newspaper writer-reporter. I dealt with that by re-introducing myself when I had doubt: "Hi, we've probably met before, but if not, [extends hand] hi, I'm Chris Walsh.")

The inadvertent lie part was that I then mentioned to Caitlin on her blog (at greygirlbeast) that I'd seen Rachel Edidin. That maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay have prompted Rachel's Twitter update tonight "Whoever thought they said hi to me at #geektrivia last night: that was @korybing. We are both awesome, though, so I understand the mixup."

I resisted the urge to facepalm.

We straightened out who was who, at least enough. I even made a correction on Caitlin's blog, because I do try to correct my mistakes.

And here's something else I've decided: you know the phrase "When you assume, you make an ass out of you and me"? I figure that more of the "ass" part is on the assume-er, not the assume-ee. Probably helps me behave (meaning not assume too much).
Whale fluke

Collected Time

A gripping night of looking through old day-planners. Really.

I don't need these anymore. I've saved them from 1997 to 2008, but the day planners are taking up space -- physical and probably to an extent mental -- that I can clear. But I'm anal-retentive enough to want to save anything interesting.

I've found some stuff: a quick sketch imagining Lloyd Center, a mall here in Portland, after something had ruined it; with holes in the glass ceiling. (Lloyd Center was an open mall until a major remodel in 1990, when a glass roof was added over the walkways. A neat-looking mall before and after, but me liking post-apocalyptic stuff, I imagined it damaged.) I've also found notes where I was playing around with language and the sound of words. I wrote "Vicious, viscous biscuits."

I also saw my schedule for Saturday March 15th, 1997, which because of relationship drama was maybe the most stressful day of my life up until that time. I won't go into details here, but that day I was so stressed I had trouble breathing, let alone working. I bailed early from a temp job (a product survey at a Tigard, OR Safeway) I was supposed to do that day and Sunday.

Work drama happened on Wednesday, April 16th: I went to a fire and rescue training center in Sherwood, OR as a temp for its cafeteria. My temp agency contact warned me in advance that the training center was not happy with the agency for reasons having nothing to do with me; I got to the training center to find they'd canceled work for a temp for the day, so instead I headed into Portland and spent the day with my mom's parents at physical therapy. I'd remembered the work getting canceled, but not what I'd done instead.

I was also looking for more permanent work: I see my notes about newspapers all over Western Oregon, from Portland to Klamath Falls. I started looking in April 1997, interviewed at my eventual employer the Hermiston Herald in July -- best as I can tell from my notes, I didn't even hear about the paper until June, and it was the only paper east of the Cascades that I inquired at -- and started at the paper in early September. More drama and loss happened in that stretch: my then-relationship ended and would not get repaired, as a friendship, until 1999; then...worse drama. Sad drama that I didn't really properly deal with in the summer of 1997; I don't think I fully dealt with it until maybe the next summer. (Tarah, who's reading this, knows what I'm talking about.)

Other moments of note from 1997: a car accident I had in Portland, Tuesday June 10th, because I was dumb. (I can admit that now.) Earlier that day, at Future Dreams back when it was on the south side of East Burnside, I bought my first Sandman graphic novel, the collection Fables and Reflections. I still have that. I'm also pretty sure I didn't really "get" Sandman based on first reading that. I "got" it years later, about 10 years ago in fact when I borrowed each collection from the Multnomah County Library during my first year living in Portland. And in summer 1997, Alicia, my then-girlfriend/eventually no longer my girlfriend/later my friend -- keeping up? -- was keeping tabs on a pregnant llama. I'd completely forgotten about that.

There's more, of course. There are also the errands, the shopping, the library books returned (my reading that year included Michael Crichton novels, books on Jung and dream interpretation, at least three Jules Verne novels, and books about where Atlantis might be), the notes about bills, keeping tracks of photos to reprint (from negatives; I wasn't digital yet), the visits, the back-and-forth, the plans, the half-formed plans that never materialized, and...the blank pages, where I did stuff but didn't note it. And me taking notes about many things, including myself. Like this:

"I live my life in the crevices between the details."

I wrote that Saturday, March 29th, 1997. (I spelled it "crevasses.") I guess I still am, because 14 years later I'm going through this planner and finding things still worth keeping. Some things. But I'm moving forward in getting rid of what I don't need. And hoping my memory keeps remembering what's worth keeping.