December 19th, 2011


Sympathy pain

A major part of last night's dreams was a combination marathon/walk-a-thon that was going to go past and, somehow, through my current apartment building. (Also, the event was sponsored by Nutella, so somehow I'm getting product placement in my dreams. Does Stephen King get that?)

I woke up briefly after that dream and my feet hurt. One foot in particular. My feet don't hurt now. There's no particular reason they would have hurt last night; yesterday I didn't walk that much. Did my dream-walking cause that? Maybe my body wanted to think so.

OK. Time to at least pretend I'm ready for today...
TNG Darmok

Appropriate for the night...

[Another untitled] Oct. 20th, 2001

Intravenous sleep
Feeds the body rest
And rests you just enough
To be closer to your best
Unnaturally awake
Is the way you have to be
To keep up with the world
-- Never mind that's unhealthy.

...I could do better than repeating the word "rest" in two lines next to each other, but I still like this.

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