December 23rd, 2011

TNG Darmok

Finally, some flavor of Christmas

And so this is the day before Christmas Eve...

...aaaaaand I haven't been too focused on Christmas on its way, as it'll get here on its own, but c'mon, I want to do something that feels like Christmas to help me be more ready for Christmas, so:

It's time for the annual listening to the 2-CD set I have of Patrick Stewart performing his one-man A Christmas Carol. The entire text by Charles Dickens, narrated over the course of about an hour and three quarters sans intermission.

The CD was, I think, produced in 1992, after Stewart first performed it on Broadway in late 1991. I never saw him perform it on stage -- I think my late friend Mike Pearl did; I hope he did -- though Stewart's brought it back to stages in the years since. This show, beyond reminding me I'll never be an actor (how does he remember the entire text? How?), has bite, as Dickens was so good at delivering. And yes, Stewart is every single character, and not in a "Every character is a figment of Scrooge's imagination" self-indulgent actor way. This is a pleasure.

This is also a good time to share (or probably re-share at this point) Peter David's essay saying why A Christmas Carol is a science fiction story in a way that you might not really expect.