December 29th, 2011

Captain Kris W'lash


Needed and received yesterday: time with a friend. Specifically a long chat over coffee (well, coffee for him, Chai for me) in a cafe, talking about the office both of us used to work in. He quit the office a few months before I got fired, and he'd been there for a year or so before I first got in touch with that company. We both had Observations about what we'd learned about the office in that time. We also shot the breeze about how we've been doing lately, and talked geeky entertainment stuff (he's been watching Leverage but hadn't heard that the show's going to be set in Portland this upcoming season).

I really appreciate having people to talk to. I'm doing what I can not to shut myself off from people I can talk to.

Entry #5,555

Still going...

And probably destined to getting to bed early. This sounds like a good idea. Especially with new flannel sheets on said bed.

I'll be less boring soon. At least eventually.