Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


by Christopher Walsh, 5/1/2018-5/11/2018

I do not want to be scared by the world.
I do not want to be scared of the world.
Or mad at it.
Or worn down by it.
All this is easy with the world so big,
With all its ways to overwhelm,
To be difficult,
To be unfair,
To be cruel.
"Weight of the world," we say. World-weight.
That weight would literally crush other worlds:
Of course we'd have trouble handling it.
We feel metaphorical weight:
And it can build up quickly.
It may feel like Earth's gravity suddenly pushing as well as pulling,
Pressing and pressuring,
Stopping you and not simply holding you.
Your mind feels constricted.
You hope deep breaths will help
To regain your mental space,
But it doesn't feel like nearly enough.
What may become too huge to handle?
What will seem too much?
What do you
What do I
What do we
What do you fear will be some thing that
It is hard to think about. And hard not to think about,
When the world, it seems, works against you.
(A conceit. The world itself
Is not going after you.
Earth simply can't care what's in our minds;
Earth doesn't work like that.)
There are ways to lift the world-weight,
To handle more,
To cope:
Some healthy, some not;
Some healthy for me, but not for you;
Some, the reverse of that;
Still, the ways exist, and they are waiting
For us to use
To push against that weight,
Trying to find
The handle
To grip
And to move us to health.
Towards health.
To shift the world-weight off of us.
To find breathing room. Because
Somewhere, some way, somehow,
There is
In fact
Enough of it.

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Tags: poetical

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