January 6th, 2012

Oregon Coast 1

Writer's Block: Hello, World!

What is your earliest memory?

This is so appropriate for a Navy brat: my first memory is from a move. It was summer 1976, July 4th weekend in fact -- not that I knew that -- and I was two-and-a-half years old. I remember being in the parking lot of the condo (I think) complex where we would need to stay for a couple of weeks until the house Mom and Dad had bought was ready for us to move into. This was in Rancho Bernardo, CA, the very north part of San Diego. The house we moved into later is still there, on Palacio Place*; presumably the condos are, too. They were along a golf course. Mom said I couldn't grasp the concept that the golf greens weren't parks for me to play in, so it's probably good we weren't there long.

But my first memory is very specific: the parking lot, as the older family members got stuff out of a stuffed-full car. I stood nearby and just watched. Two-and-a-half-year-olds aren't useful for schlepping: they're usually still small enough to be schlepped themselves.

So: I remember being warm -- it was summer in Southern California, after all -- and that's probably a good way to start remembering stuff.

* And because, years later, we got a dog named Sophie, that means my adult film name is Sophie Palacio.