January 14th, 2012

Whale fluke

A purely functional post

Hm. I know my LJ's going to be sparse this weekend because so many people I read are at Arisia, the convention in Boston, but my Friends' List is only sporadically updating. This morning hughcasey added an entry, and it didn't show up on my Friends' List; I only saw it when Hugh directly linked to it on Facebook. (His profile page claims his blog was last updated last year, so something's not updating.)

I hope you can read this. If you can't, obviously you won't know, and neither will I.


A few minutes later: And now an entry from therealljidol showed up on my Friends' List then disappeared from it. Huh. Nothing in LJ Support yet about FL wonkiness. I'll see if this keeps happening.

I hope the last edit: A little later, I saw that LJ Support had gotten a few reports of this problem (I added a note to say "Yep. Mine too."). Soon after that, Hugh's entry appeared, other, newer ones went up and the LJ Idol post reappeared. Here's hoping the issue is past.

I was a jerk. (Stronger language follows.)

I was an asshole.

I then apologized for being an asshole.

That's been my morning. Here's more detail, because when I am a jerk, I need to own up to it, apologize for it, and repair any damage I might have done because of that:

Before 8:00, soon after I'd woken up, I was out walking: coat, sweatpants, boots, red wool cap. I'd reached Genie's at SE 11th and Division, where there's a Portland Mercury box because I'd wanted a copy. A woman riding her bike up Division rode up onto the sidewalk. I wasn't sure where to go; I shifted around a bit, then I stopped so I'd stop being a moving target. She rode past me, fairly close, and pulled up to the couple of doors in the middle of the building, the apartment entrance next to the Genie's entrance.

I got annoyed. (This partly explains why.) But: I got annoyed. I started arguing with her. "Don't ride on the sidewalk." "I wasn't." She'd only ridden the last few yards on the sidewalk. She said, "I was riding here." I said, "But don't do it on the sidewalk."

As she was about to unlock the door to Genie's, I did the jerk move. I scurried up to her.

"Don't crowd me," she said.

"I'm just on the sidewalk," I said, as blandly as I could manage.

"Get out of my personal space," she said.

I did.

"Fuck you," she said.

I walked away without saying anything, except to myself.

"Proud of yourself?" I said to myself.

I walked home, thinking. I kept thinking when I got home. And the thoughts kept boiling down to Proud of yourself?

After I showered and dressed, I did something. I wrote a note. I opened with "From the asshole in the yellow jacket this morning..." I followed that with "I was an asshole. I'm sorry." I wrote more, but that boils it down. Because I was an asshole, and she hadn't deserved that. And armed with that, I walked back up to Genie's.

I found her, apologized to her, and left the note. We spoke briefly. She appreciated that I was willing, to her face, to apologize. She also didn't do what was within her rights, which would've been to say Don't come here anymore. I knew that that was a possibility -- the We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone signs are in businesses for a reason -- and I hoped it wouldn't come to that, but if it did, I wouldn't really have much basis to complain. I like Genie's, and go there when I can, but if I make people uncomfortable there, then I'd keep being an asshole.

When I go back there, I'll be able to look people in the eye.
Portland Timbers



Okay, now to think of something other than how close the Saints came to winning just now (wow, that was close).

Lazy Chris was lazy, and so I didn't download photos from my first experience at a Major League Soccer game (Wednesday, July 20th, 2011, as I first chronicled here) until recently. But now I can share! Like

me doing a self-portrait, and

this shot of Timber Joey, the mascot of the team for years (and the well-loved successor to the beloved Timber Jim of the minor-league Timber era) -- he indeed has a chainsaw (THOUGH IT'S NOT RUNNING), and the standing woman on the left of the photo indeed is wearing a "Timber Joey is my Homeboy" T-shirt (which Big-Ass Sandwiches sells to support the Portland Police's Sunshine Division charity), and

fan Sunday White leading the 107 and 108 in cheers and song during the game.

Here are the rest of the pictures, if'n you want to see more. I want to see more, by getting to another game when I can!