February 1st, 2012

Whale fluke

"In a world where you must be nodding off..."

Finally, I truly may be tired of this current convention in movie trailers: how in every other shot or so the image fades to black, followed by a quick!cut to another image. It makes it seem like you're seeing more than you've really seen, by making you think Wait, what did I see? The ad-makers hope you then think It must've been awesome! I must go to that film!

So now it seems like two-thirds of the trailers we get -- especially for anything epic or aiming to be epic -- has the fades/shock cuts. Many, many, many times. Too many times.

You can easily imitate it! Really! Just look at something or imagine you're looking at something, then slowly close your eyes, then BAM! Open them quickly and picture something else! There! Doesn't your life feel more epic?