April 9th, 2012

Me 3

Plus I started laundry, but not until much later

How cliché am I? I had a day at home today, and decided to try some short-story writing. Soon, after maybe a couple hundred words, I was cleaning: collecting a mess of old camera equipment, mostly from my Grandpa Irv, and sending off an email to a place where I hope I can sell it, and also -- even more cliched -- cleaning the top of the refrigerator. Or trying to; there's some caked-on dust up there. Thank goodness it's nothing more dirty than dirt; it could've been moldering food, had I been a messier person.

(Radio producer Geoffrey Perkins said that his producing partner, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy's Douglas Adams, had many ways to avoid writing. "When a deadline is really pressing he can have as many as five baths a day. Consequently, the later the script the cleaner he gets. You can't fault him for personal hygiene in a crisis.")

I also pulled out a DVD and watched a film*, mostly on fast-forward, then put it in my latest "to give away" bag. There. One less thing I need to keep.

News that is not news: Procrastination is easy. And writing, as almost all of you know, is hard. Or can be, especially if (like me) you're inexperienced and out of practice at the fiction thing. Time for me to accept that and go on, because dammit, I want to get good at that.

I'm gonna suck for awhile! Just wanted to announce that. Because I need to be okay about writing crap if that's all that comes out of me for now. (Maybe I'll inflict some of it on you, but I'll warn y'all.) I know I can write good stuff. I want to do that again. That'll help me to be more able one day to go "Hey, artistic insecurity, see this? This is the back of my hand!"

* It was the "For Your Consideration" DVD of the 2002 film version of Red Dragon. Yes, it was sent out for Oscar consideration, which I'm sure would crack up Bobby Roberts. I wound up with a copy, because I subscribed to Film Score Monthly which has Academy members as readers. Also editor/publisher Lukas Kendall knows that film's director, Brett Ratner. I got both the DVD and the CD of Danny Elfman's score. I'm keeping that, because I like the score and I like Elfman. That's the closest I've gotten to the Oscars. I'm guessing actual Academy members voted for Red Dragon as much as I did.

Super-educated, I'm smarter than Spock

Or at least smart enough to decide that, if Spock ever had to say the phrase "Why, yes! I am made of awesome!" it would maybe sound like

Indeed. My corporeal presence is somehow constructed of the non-physical object known as "awesome." I understand that this is not logical, but this is so.
Flavored Calories.

The Littlest Splurge

Ah, yes, learning to maximize the impact-ful use of one's funds. Bang for the buck. Get the most for the least. Which is why is felt like a splurge tonight to get a hot six-inch melt from Subway.

It felt like a splurge because when I get Subway, which hasn't been too often in the past year, I'd almost always get a cold foot-long. When I was working at the construction company, that meant I could get two days' lunches out of that sandwich, and not have to bother with reheating it, since sandwiches that size often reheat unevenly. But a sandwich like that, it was meant to be cold! (Though not too cold, which the office fridge sometimes made it -- at least once I ate iceberg lettuce that actually had ice on it.) Heck, with the deals Subway's been having, I may have come close to paying as much as I would have for a footlong, for the smaller experience of a six-inch, but hey, I let myself not care.

Also feeling kind of like a splurge tonight? Eating it at the restaurant. I almost always get sandwiches to go, almost anywhere I get them (like at Big-Ass Sandwiches, except when there's seating near the cart). I eat a lot of sandwiches on the run. I decided this time not to do that. Plus I'd be getting quick groceries on the walk home (I needed milk) so it made sense to carry the sandwich home in my gullet and not my hands. (The person at the cash register still gave me a sandwich bag. I used it to carry the milk, a drink and a banana.) Sitting down, eating with one hand, reading with the other...satisfying.

Changing things up just a little bit: one of the quickest ways to feel refreshed. (You can feel refreshed by sleeping, but c'mon, that can take HOURS.)

The preceding was not a paid Subway plug -- unless you mean I paid them for my food.

By the way? I keep imagining my subject line being sung by Sade.