April 10th, 2012

Blow My Mind

International Man of Mystery

THAT dream was involved:

  • I and my family flying into a seaside city whose airport is not just in the middle of the city: the runway we landed on was A STREET, ending in what looked like a dock. Yeah, that was a heart-stopper, even in a dream. (Bonus? Most of the runway-street ran downhill. Imagine trying to land a plane in San Francisco. It was like that.)

  • (By the way, the flight started out so high that, from the plane, I could see the curvature of the Earth. Suborbital? MAYBE.)

  • Us moving with a purpose through the airport, and being confronted with -- WHY DID YOU GO THERE, MIND -- a box with a disembodied head. Um, something related to a spy mission that went hugely wrong? Maybe? And the rest of my family swining into well-oiled deal-with-a-mission mode. Even Mom, who was never in the Navy, let alone whatever secret spy group we were suddenly somehow a part of, or something.

  • Me? I didn't swing into well-oiled deal-with-a-mission mode. Me, I really wanted to bolt away from intrigue-gone-wrong stuff. Which apparently I did.

  • Which meant me winding up in a dusty edge-of-jungle gathering -- likely nowhere near the seaside city where the other stuff happened -- unsure what I was supposed to do. People were watching me. So were elephants. BUT NO DISEMBODIED HEADS. Maybe it was Survivor. Survivor has no disembodied heads. YET.
  • Portland Timbers

    We give our blood, we give our sweat/ we always bleed for GOOD, you bet!

    Giving blood, sweat and tears for teams you're fond of? What better way to do that than by actually giving blood? Enough members of Portland's Timbers Army donated blood at Jeld-Wen Field last Friday that the Red Cross sent two blood donation trucks to meet demand. As a regular blood donor, I'm really happy to see so many fans line up to give.

    Plus blood donation is HARDCORE, and my friends in the Timbers Army are all about that. Give blood! It's a bad-ass way to save lives!