April 22nd, 2012

Me 1

The nicer clothes make the food taste better. That's how it works, right?

Another day of sun. The day also will have Bonus!Family Dinner: several relatives are nearer town than usual and can get into town for one of our occasional Nicholas's dinners. I've gone to them, but only at the original and tiny SE Grand location; tonight will be my first time at the bigger NE 32nd and Broadway location.

I'm even sort of kind of dressed up a bit nice and stuff. I do sometimes try to clean up, though I'm not going as far as a tie; we don't get THAT dressed up in my family. Basically I'm dressing almost like I would for the office where I used to work -- except I wore hard shoes there and today I'll wear boots. Work boots. So I guess they'd still fit. (My former co-worker David Stroup, who quit the office a few months before I got fired, wore similar boots to the office, but I don't think I would've been allowed to do that. Plus he's such an oversized person -- not fat at all, but BIG -- that him in hard shoes would've just looked off, so it fit for him to wear them.)

Feeling nicely relaxed. I hope y'all are, too. Sundays should be for resting up...since Saturdays are, of course, all right for fighting. *grins*

The waiting is the hardest part

It'd be best for the entry I just wrote not to go onto my journal until tomorrow, because of more people reading during the week than the weekend. That made me realize: I'm really, really used to getting my words out really, really quickly. That's blogging for you*...or, in another time in my life, newspaper writing, where I wrote for a weekly paper so stuff never waited more than six days to hit the public eye, and it was usually much quicker than that.

Not immediately posting the entry I just wrote made me feel a little guilty: I should share this! People want reading material! Gee, Chris, words can wait. Magazine articles wait; short stories wait; and, especially, novels wait, what with all the producing work needed to get one ready to publish. And there's plenty of reading material already around!

So. It'll wait. I'll try to be entertainingly post-y in the meantime.

I'll also try not to have anything Dead Zone-y happen to me between now and tomorrow, the whole knocked-into-a-coma-for-years, get-psychic-powers, see-vision-of-Stillson-destroying-the-world-and-decide-to-do-something-about-it-plus-hey-you-finally-get-to-sleep-with-Brooke-Adams thing. Because, c'mon, I'm no Chris Walken.

* It's even more Tweeting for you, as Twitter's such an of-the-now thing. By the way, I "get" Twitter now, which I didn't at first circa 2008, and of course I "get" blogging, but Facebook falls into this awkward in-between spot that doesn't work so well for me. I do have a Facebook account, but I do my best to dabble, not get engrossed in Facebook stuff. (I didn't even bother to get a personalized Facebook url; I'm just a number. [INSERT THE PRISONER REFERENCE HERE])

At least one more post tonight!

More Vitamin D absorption achieved.

I spent less time outside today than yesterday, but in a way that was good: yesterday I left fully lotioned with sunscreen and wasn't getting the Vitamin D that the sun's throwing at us. Today, with less exposure and no sunscreen, I got slightly pinked and nowhere near burned. Felt sweat doing its thing, too, which is another good sign!

So far I've had one of two social times today. My family's dinner went nicely, on the surprisingly large top floor of the NE Broadway Nicholas's. "Damn, you were packing it away!" my dad said afterward...to my mom. (Dad rarely goes to Nicholas's with the rest of the family. He hasn't seen how we get with the food there.) I ate well from a sampling of most everything we ordered, and have almost an entire round sheet of pita bread that I scavenged. (My cousin Neil, visiting from Washington, D.C. with his girlfriend Jess, made like he was eating it no-handed before I grabbed it, but it was all mimed.) Next is more social times at Beulahland, which I've been hoping to get to this weekend...and now I shall.