April 29th, 2012

Whale fluke

Note to self:

Do more.

Do better.

Be willing to do something different and, perhaps, fail at it. Failure is, after all, an option. Just keep trying.

Trying to do more.

Trying to do better.

(This entry is in place of one I'd started composing in my head this morning, because I realized I was a) mopey and b) having a pity party and I decided to do something, I hope, more positive and more productive.)

A series of moments (rebuild-confidence time)

Today: Had a low moment. And a crisis-of-confidence moment. And also a moment of OK, once again I waited too long to do something positive about a certain situation (yes I'm going to stay maddeningly vague about that) and I likely missed my chance, so take that as a lesson: DO WHAT YOU CAN WHEN YOU CAN.

This weekend I got into the mindset that feels that I haven't earned the right to know as many cool people as I know, where I manage to forget that these cool people like me for good reasons. And now I'm working to climb out of that mindset, because it is like a metaphorical hole. But not as deep a hole as maybe I imagined.

Enough not-great moments. I need to cause more Kick-Ass Moments.
Good Omens

Another quick thought

There's a line between Smartass and Jackass.

I'll keep doing my best not to go leaping past it. If I stumble past it, I'll do my best to rectify.

Because I'd much rather be a Smartass than a Jackass.