July 16th, 2012

Thumbs Up Vader

This is how little it takes to amuse me.

Did miscellaneous shopping yesterday at the Lloyd Center Dollar Tree. Fifteen dollars' worth of cleaning supplies and food, but here's how I noted it in my checkbook:

Debit - 7/15/2012 - Dollar Tree - $15.00
15 Items. (Duh.)

Of course, I couldn't say that in a state with sales tax...
Me 2 (B&W)

Can you expand on that "OK"?

I'm OK.

Whether I've been OK or not OK lately is something you likely couldn't have been able to tell from reading this. I've been -- obscure lately. But I do want to note that I'm OK.

Life is pretty basic. Some work, some visiting-with-friends, getting outside and sweaty when I've wanted to, keeping cool when I've wanted to (which has been reasonably easy; my apartment has stayed cool even on our relatively few recent hot days), reading, food. Ah, food.

It's been quiet. As far as I know, I haven't caused any drama. I've resisted doing so. I could. Oh, I could. I know that. (Maybe that makes it feel more like an accomplishment that I haven't caused drama. Heh.)

Recent highlights: two friends of mine got married Saturday night and I attended it, in a ballroom in downtown Portland. The ballroom faces Director Park and the Fox Tower, if you know downtown Portland. Nice time, but I feel it's a good idea to stay private about it and not blog about the event beyond "It was happy." After celebrating their getting married, I got home in time to turn on the radio and hear the end of a wild Portland Timbers-L.A. Galaxy match, which the Timbers lost 5-3. Seriously, soccer's a lot of effort, even when they lose.

Sunday was shopping, and also finishing the third and final Hunger Games book, Mockingjay. Impressively brutal, that series. (I sat outside a library with the book yesterday afternoon because I guessed correctly that I'd finish reading it right after the branch closed, and the weather cooperated for me to do so.) On advice from Caitlin R. Kiernan (greygirlbeast), though, I did not read Mockingjay's epilogue, because it's pissed off more than one person I know. Kiernan felt it negated everything she'd liked about the series, which is a lot. Some time after I have some distance from the book I'll check how it ended, see if it would've pissed me off, too. (And I wonder if it compares to the Harry Potter epilogue? Because that didn't bother me, unlike a lot of people.)

...well, not only am I OK, I found stuff to blog about once I started typing. I like how this works.

Be excellent to each other. And if partying on sounds like a good plan, do so, too.