August 4th, 2012

I listen

Should I be this tired?

Had a ridiculous time last night at Cort and Fatboy's Midnight Movie screening of Conan the Barbarian -- almost a hallucinogenic film when you're tired. (But then, f'ing Barney and Friends would probably seem like a drug trip if you're tired when you're watching it.) How do I not have Basil Poledouris's score for this? When I can, I must correct that.

Also did three dollars' worth of a good deed last night; local artist Glazed MacGuffin was selling prints and postcards of her Midnight Movie artwork, wanting to raise more money for the continued fight Dawn Taylor and Patrick Hurley are in with Patrick's evil kidney. (That's what we've been calling it since last year: Patrick's Evil Kidney.) Three of her postcards are MINE. Three more dollars' of support for people I like, and I hope soon to do more. To be able to more.

At night's end, I felt really old-school and hardcore, because for the first time in months I walked home from the Bagdad. That's a commitment walk, but a) I'd bussed to the show b) I'd had a drink before the film c) the buses were no longer running by time I left the theater and d) I wasn't going to spring for a cab. Even more hardcore: since my night eyesight's decent and I was passing by a fair number of streetlights, I snuck in snippets of reading. This should be a more frequent Portland sight: someone walking down deserted streets in the middle of the night, still with a nose in a book. (Middle of the street means more ability to see and get around who's coming, and being farther from where anyone might be hiding. Defensive walking. I can use more of that skill.)

I slept the sleep of the exhausted after that. I'm going to try to get more sleep after this; I want to save up energy and, I hope, get to this summer's premiere of Trek in the Park today, Atomic Arts's first public performance of the original Trek episode "Journey to Babel." This will require hydration and sunblock; it could be close to 100 degrees today. Feel for the actors in Andorian and Tellerite makeup today...