August 14th, 2012


Smell the different smells...

A tea warehouse smells good.

Come to think of it, I'm not sure I noticed the smells last time -- back in 2004, eight years ago -- that my temp agency sent me to the Tazo Tea warehouse in inner SE for a job. But today I did the opposite of complaining. Plus, hey, paid work.

As happens in temp life, I went knowing little of what I'd do. Turned out it was unloading a tractor-trailer of hundreds of boxes of ginger from India, on its way to being part of tea blends. Good thing I like the smell of ginger. (I also thought I was smelling something almost chocolate-y from somewhere; not sure what that was about. Except that chocolate is nice.) Each box was about 35 pounds, so my upper body got a workout. Not just from unstacking and re-stacking the boxes, but occasionally from having to pry boxes loose from the side of the trailer. Some of them had cardboard sticking. A few were so stuck that I levered them off the wall with a steel rod.

No drama happened; I was able to work by myself, listen to the radio, think, and drink lots of water. My supervisors called it a day for me at 2:00, short of the planned 3:30 stop time, because the trailer was getting pretty warm. (The outside of it was in direct sunshine the entire shift.) I'm back tomorrow morning for a few hours; as I don't smell like ginger now, I probably won't smell like by shift's end Wednesday...