August 27th, 2012

Berthold Run

That was almost an anxiety dream

Dreamed about unpredictable bus lines: some buses inexplicably looping through parking lots, some buses trying to imitate light-rail trains, some buses letting people off on the middle of bridges, some buses seeming ready to go through buildings to get places, but which places? Never a place I wanted to go. And walking -- which I do plenty of in reality, because Portland's a walkable city -- apparently wasn't going to get me where I ultimately wanted to go.

Yeah, TriMet's changing a bunch of bus lines, including a couple I use a lot. Maybe at some level I'm worried about it. Don't worry, Me, you'll figure out the changes and adapt to them. Starting your own bus service won't the way you adapt...
Thumbs Up Vader

Of COURSE Vader approves of evil Galaxy Quest

So I learned future Mythbuster minion Grant Imahara, when he worked for ILM in the 1990s, helped build the NSEA Protector from Galaxy Quest. Imahara then said on Twitter, "Ha, thanks for all the Mirror Universe/Evil Grant references! Yeah, I tried facial hair for a while. It uh, didn't work out."

Mirror Universe Star Trek. Still one of the coolest ideas in the Star Trek universe: the evil version of the Federation, whose logo is a knife going through the Earth and where you advance in rank by killing your superiors. And since Galaxy Quest is both a tribute to Trek and a relentless tweaker of the world of Trek, it hit me: evil Galaxy Quest would've been awesome. Heck, if there had been a Galaxy Quest 2, doing a Mirror Universe riff would've been one natural idea.

But instead of Van Dyke beards showing that people are evil, the characters would have genuine goatees. Only facial hair below the mouth, not sharply around it. Oh, and Sam Rockwell's character Guy Fleegman would be clean-shaven. (Is it wrong of me to want to see Alan Rickman as Alexander Dane as Dr. Lazarus with a mohawk?)

And they wouldn't call it "the Mirror Universe," because Galaxy Quest thoroughly renamed every bit of Trek lore for its not-subject-to-copyright purposes. What if the evil version was called "The Flipped Galaxy"? The "As you know, Bob..." explanatory scene would show that the Milky Way, instead of revolving the way it does in our universe, is revolving the other way. I can totally see a graphic of the Milky Way doing that.

And the Flipped, evil Thermians would always frown, and torture people using their tentacles (dangling! Oh noes!). The Protector would be named the Nebulizer (after the Galaxy Quest version of the phaser), or maybe the Death To Fatu-Krey. The ship's hull would have huge decorative knives. The digital conveyor (the Thermian version of a transporter) can be set not to teleport you, but to drown you. There's a torture chamber onboard staffed with those doll-sized, big-eyed, big-fanged aliens from that one rocky planet where Tim Allen as Jason Nesmith as Cmdr. Peter Quincy Taggart got shirtless. Dr. Lazarus's catch phrase will have changed to "By Grabthar's hammer, by the suns of Warvan, you shall swim through agony"; Alexander Dane will have to be forced by threat of being-crushed-by-a-Beryllium-Sphere to say it that way. The Fatu-Krey, the reptilian-insectoid creatures who provided the film's villain Gen. Roth'h'ar Sarris, will be food.

Let this be a film in my dreams. That's a safe way for me to think about evil.