August 29th, 2012

Me 3

A good sign

Today at the job we did more and it feels like we did less. We have the tools, we have the talent. Or, to put it with swear words, yesterday, we knew shit; today, we knew our shit.

Yesterday we spent 10 1/2 hours replacing old mattresses and box springs on one and three-quarter floors of a hotel. Today we took 10 hours to do two and one-quarter floors, and that was with a late start because the first delivery truck was late.

Nice regular crew at the hotel, too, though I still have no burning desire to work in one. And I already know to keep hotel staff happy; they do a big job.

Anyway. More pay and I'm not wiped out by it. Yes!
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Me 1

Ebert here reminds me a lot of my late Grandma Jean. Random, but true.

Peek behind the curtain to Siskel and Ebert and the Movies circa 1987! Thanks to this outtake collection, we see Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel get on each other's nerves, insult each other, swear, crack each other up, and more:

"Try [to be] a little excited, Gene." "Sounds less excited, Roger."

"Did you know that for Gene, speech is a second language?" "Roger's first language is, 'Yes I'll have apple pie with my order!'"