September 26th, 2012

Berthold Run

Hot Mess

Extra tired this week, for reasons I'm not sure about. What I'd meant last night as a brief lie-down turned into an hour-long nap; I woke up before it became several hours of sleep, so I could do basic end-of-day prep like, y'know, brush my teeth.

I also dealt with a bad mood yesterday, for most of the work day and for a bit after that. It's too easy to think of stuff that saddens and/or annoys me; I want to do better at thinking of stuff that happifies and/or amuses me. I can be better.

Back later when I'm not so tired...
Flavored Calories.

It made it WORTH IT to be awake

People! This elixir you refer to as "caw-fee" has properties magical, yes? I must investigate its abilities further.

Meaning, this morning I was at least functional enough to drive safely to work today -- I drove because I was dragging enough that I knew half an hour before I usually leave for the bus that I'd need more time at home, and driving provides that time cushion -- but I was not sure how well I'd function once at the job. But there's cheap coffee there. Fifty-five cents later, I was getting that sweet caffeine into me (via a basic French Vanilla -- and had I wanted to, I could've gone for the most basic vending machine coffee there, a forty-cent cup). I felt more functional. And I actually had a pretty productive work day -- as opposed to yesterday, where I was a pill. I wasn't pleasant Tuesday. I was (more or less) today. And honestly I think the coffee helped. I know, big whoop, but I used to be such an anti-coffee snob that not even my love of Twin Peaks (Special Agent Dale Cooper: *spits out coffee* "DAMN good coffee! And hot!") made me want to try it.

By the way, I didn't mention, but last night I'd had a bit of a headache. That headache didn't come back today. I'm thinking the coffee at least helped. I've heard it can.

I had enough power in me overall (thanks to, of course, snacks, a ham sandwich for lunch and lots of ice water) to work extra hours today. So good to be able to get more hours and feel good about the work done in them.

As always, you know more now, if you've read this. If so, thank you. If you can't, maybe you need glasses.
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