October 14th, 2012

Oregon Coast 1

A simple day

Today may be a no-shower day.

I don't need to head out; I don't want to do anything that costs money (except for money I've already spent, like on internet and my utilities); I can watch football and/or the delayed broadcast of the (Thank God, successful) jump Felix Baumgartner just did from over 120,000 feet (I'm guessing the Discovery Channel wanted to wait to see whether Baumgartner DIDN'T DIE); I have food; I have books; I have music (I listened to Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman's score to The Last of the Mohicans, because hey, good music for people falling!); why not stay home? And take it easy. Plus the sound of my own wheels won't make me crazy, because not driving. See how that works?

If you can and are so inclined, take it easy.
Me 3


Still a no-shower day...

Though I did get shoes and a sweatshirt on and walk (and even sometimes jog) in the neighborhood, plus later I'll do laundry. Resisting getting in the car to get drive-thru food.

I can indulge. I had four count 'em four doughnuts at Krispy Kreme yesterday! OK, one was a blueberry cake, but I also had two chocolates with sprinkles -- one in Oregon Ducks colors, one in Oregon State Beavers colors, because I like both football teams to do well, even in the Civil War (please, no more Toilet Bowls, men!) -- and a glazed raspberry-filled. My stomach and taste buds enjoyed that. So. I indulged. It still happens. It just won't be via drive-thru food.

Come to think of it, most drive-thru food wouldn't be an indulgence, not really. More an indulgence of convenience. Anyway.

Stay relaxed. I plan to.
iAm iSaid

Oct. 14, 2012. Yes, it is.

I can call it now: today I was non-showered.

I'll be showered tomorrow, though. I'm not an animal. (It won't be a bath day, because I don't have a bath tub. Unless I nail my bathroom door shut, caulk the bottom half, cut away the upper half so I have a way out, then flood my bathroom...)