October 20th, 2012

Summer Me

Boy's in the Hood

Today, mostly, was good hoodie weather in Portland. Mostly except for cloudbursts. I spent some hours out and about this afternoon, getting use out of my new Big-Ass Sandwiches hoodie. That was a recent gift to myself; in fact, when I went to the cart to order a hoodie that would arrive a few weeks later, Lisa said she and Brian probably still had a large available, and she'd find it and leave it at the cart for me to buy. That worked. And with today being good hoodie weather, well...

I wandered. I took the #70 bus to the NE Broadway Things From Another World, using a TFAW gift certificate to buy more issues of Axe Cop *, then took the #77 bus to very close to its eastern terminus in Troutdale, all the while reading The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There by catvalente. I finally saw where McMenamin's Edgefield is -- I haven't been there yet, for a meal or for a show (I could and should change that) -- along the way. I also wandered through old town Troutdale on Historic Columbia River Highway, where shops and the City Hall are, just east of the arch that reads TROUTDALE -- GATEWAY TO THE GORGE. After poking my head in the TA ** truck stop, I waited for a westbound 77, which got there eventually, and also got off where I could walk to a MAX stop so I could ride up to Portland International Airport

It's been years since I've had a hooded anything, including coats. I guess it's my extension of the stereotypical Portland antipathy towards umbrellas. I do sometimes wear caps and my kick-ass fedora (see the icon), and I do have an umbrella, but often I keep my head out. But I liked having the hood up today, for the nimbus of warmth it gave.

A hood's nice. It's like a hug for your head.

* Also, while I did that I was wearing my Axe Cop T-shirt.

** Not "Timbers Army." Running a truck stop doesn't seem like something the TA would do. Though maybe a Portland Timbers fan or two work there!
Flavored Calories.

Things I Think

I had coffee at PDX. I had it a little over four hours ago. It feels like the caffeine just hit my system. I wanted to eat something to give my body more to do than thrum. I looked in one food drawer. I saw a can of Coke. Actual thought I then had:

Caffeine is NOT a food!!!
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