October 28th, 2012

Me 3

How My Mind Works, Use Your Meat Edition

Randomly, in the past year or so I bought this ballcap at a PDX Yar garage sale:

Law II Ranch (Forney, TX) Cap

I have no connection to Forney, Texas (I just know it's east of Dallas), but the cap fits, I like it and I can wear it to the bindery job when my hair's unruly. Maybe meat or milk from Law II Ranch has fed me (or you) one of these years; that stuff's got to come from somewhere.

But because I'm a pervert, one time I kind of sort of hoped that Law II was a ranch the same way that the Bunny Ranch in Nevada is. Then I searched and confirmed that the Law II raises cows. THEN, I thought: So it is sort of a brothel for bulls.