November 20th, 2012


Dream skulduggery

Huh. That was at least the second time I've had a dream with this very specific plot: I needed to sneak into my former place-of-employment's office and dig out something without people (OK, one specific person) knowing I'd done it. The first time I had a dream like that, I had compatriots helping me out; this time, last night, I was on my own and really sneaking around. Going through boxes and files I discovered things that aren't, in face, true -- did you know Newt Gingrinch worked for the same company? Neither did I, because he didn't, but the dream said he did, and it's hard to argue with a dream while you're dreaming it. Plus it was a neat-looking dream; there are some science fictional parts of that building, yo. At least in my dream.

It did occur to me while in the dream that I should take advantage of being there and, for instance, let my former employer (often a billion-dollar-earnings company) pay for something for me. I'll also admit, back on Saturday after working near downtown I'd treated myself to lunch at the Flying Elephants Delicatessan in the building where I used to work, and while I was there I idly wondered if I could pull off claiming my lunch was a [former employer's] expense. Only idly, you understand. I don't steal. I'd be bad at it.

Yeah, Chris. Move on. And more of that "don't steal" thing, either.