December 1st, 2012

Cartoon Chris

Somebody! Make a Kosher vegan cart called Soy Gevalt.

Ahhh: chances to soak in some fleeting, scurrying rays of sun. In between slowly rolling clouds, of course., that cloud break lasted half a minute. What other cloud breaks have I missed? How many? How many?!

Meanwhile, it's time to get used to working to be warm. Honestly, I wanted a warmer year than 2012 turned out to be. We've had a few dips into winter so far in Portland -- I know, not nearly as cold as in many other places -- and I've had to silence the part of me that's thinking I don't WANNA bundle up. It helped, though, that I reminded myself that I like my scarf and my knit caps. Two now: the green one I've had since living in Eugene, and a red Too Much Coffee Man cap I once won at Geek Trivia.

Plus I have my kick-ass Big-Ass Sandwiches hoodie, and I need to show that off!

Yes, I'm trying to psych myself up to wear layers. *grins*

Be warm, y'all! In whatever way works for you.
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