December 6th, 2012

Whale fluke

Sometimes, not-blogging is the better part of valor

A break, respite, rest, time off -- I need that from the blog sometimes, too. I'm thinking I should do that soon.

I've done this blogging thing a lot: eight years, 6,000-plus entries (not including the ones I've deleted over the years, though there aren't many of those), I don't know how many words. Sometimes lately, I've thought of stuff to blog and thought I've said that before. And newer thoughts worth blogging have been less likely lately to show up.

On top of that, I've been struggling with frustrations and moods. I want to write about more than moods (and about more than dreams -- an easy go-to topic! I do try at least to make my dream-posts interesting). Part of me feels I'd be inflicting my moods on y'all reading if I wrote about them more.

Also, when I'm moody or frustrated, I get odder. (Tyuiop the Elf? Dude, seriously?) I'd rather not be blogging mainly my weird-ass thoughts; I'd rather at least balance them with genuine thoughtfulness and the good things that have been happening. But as I said back on Friday, November 30th, "Moods race to bad and tromp sullenly towards good." My mood, to keep using that image, is still tromping, though things are better than my mood seems to think. (I've been a moody person for most of my 39 years. I'm good at it. Heh.)

Likely I won't take a break yet -- I'll likely have plenty of blog-worthy thoughts after I attend tomorrow's final episode of The Cort and Fatboy Show, for instance -- but, still, a break may help.

So I'm not gone yet, and if I'm gone I won't be gone long. Still, it feels good to put this out there.
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