January 1st, 2013

Whale fluke

Begin the New Year in bed

Yep. I was (intentionally) low-key as I entered 2013: I was in bed, lights out, by 11:30. I cut it too close to be actually asleep once fireworks started going off and people started whooping, but I was close enough to sleep that this felt almost dream-like.

I want to enter 2013 reasonably well-rested. Done!

For reasons I'll tell you about after they've happened, this might wind up being an odd week -- not for bad reasons, at least. But for now I feel awake enough to handle the odd.
Admiral Ackbar

I DO NOT USUALLY DEAL WITH PIPES. (That can be taken several ways.)

Not quite three years ago, I had the surprise of much of one wall in my apartment bathroom being gone.

I'm about to have that happen again, at least not as a surprise.

A pipe in my part of the building is problematic, and my landlord and a plumber are going in tomorrow to fix it. We'll see if my bathroom will be out of commission for most of tomorrow or for a day past that.

Whatever happens, tomorrow will be a little odd. I'll know once I'm home from work what progress they've made. (I'm hoping they install a secret passageway. Come on: ALL ABODES WOULD BE FAR COOLER WITH SECRET PASSAGEWAYS. If I ever have a home designed, I'd want at least one.)
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